Few words about me




My name is Bartosz or just Bart. I’m father of two crazy and most amazing  kids and a happy husband too :)

Originally from Poland, but years ago i decided to visit your beautiful country to get new expirience and see the second side of the rainbow. At the moment my home is in Galway.

I cover all Ireland from West to East , from Donegal to Cork even from Bantry to Belmullet.

My wife use to call me an artist, in sarcastic way, but you Know what? She is dame right!!!

I love to creating and demonstrating myself, I love capturing souls, not only a smiles. I absolutely adore what I do!!!

The point of view different always give me great satisfaction, then do not be surprise if you will see me climbing on wall, fixing bride dress, playing with a children or making clown of meself.

Many people asking me how I become a photographer. My brother in low got a camera for himself, I was very exiting about it, what I am saying, I got crazy about it. I lost in imagine world, everything around me started look different, I started noticing details, how much beauty is all around. I start realize that the photography has change my everyday experience. By the way, my brother in low became a shoes maker, He did so far two lucky pair for me, which I always wearing on a wedding.

It is a long way for me to be a great photographer, it is serious challenge, I learning something new every single day. Everyone sees things differently, the way I see a world is unique, I always trying be a story- telling, a stunning photos on the wall put a smile on my client’s  faces, that what I want.

Why me?

Imagine you are sitting around big box of photos with friends and family, there would be a lots of talking, laughs, stories, jokes, maybe even a tear or two. Imagine that few years ago you send me a email, and that how a story begin…





1. What are your prices?
If you would like to know my prices, please send me message via the contact form and I'll send you my full price list.
2. What wedding packages do you offer?
I have few wedding packages with great option for every client. I can make a custom package just for you.
3. What’s your style?
Hard to say :) I love emotions and good fun. I never make you stress and i never ask you for a fake smile :)
4. Why are you a wedding photographer?
I always had this feeling that i love keep the moments. Started with landscapes- I had no kids and lots of time for myself :).
I got asked me about the family sessions... and after year i started with weddings. Wedding make me so happy and helped me open to the peaople.
5. Why do i have to choose you?
Why not :) I'll help you with everyting at your wedding : i will be a baby sitter, taxi driver, personal assistant or even personal hanger :) and i will capture your magical memories in a very easy and friendly way :)
6. Are you insured?
Yes, I have Public Liability and equipment insurance.
7. How long until my photos  are ready?
In no time. Most of the couples are reciving processed photos in 10 working days after the wedding.
8. How many photos i will recive from you?
It's depand which package you choose. Most of the times i am processing 400-600 photos.
9. How many photos you will take durring my wedding?
10. What equipment do you use and do you have extra camera if somthing goes wrong?
I am Nikon fan from beginningand I have always spare camera with me at the wedding.

Cameras: Nikon D4s, Nikon D3, Nikon D700

Lenses: Nikkor 85mm f1,4, Helios 85mm f1,5, Sigma 50mm f1,4 Art, Sigma 35mm f1,4 Art, Sigma 24mm f1,4 Art, Nikkor 70-200mm f2,8, Kodak Areo Ektar 178mm f2,5

3x SB910 (speed lights)


11. What happens after my Big Day
After 10 working days you will recive from me package with all your photos on Pen Stick, 15 prints 8x6inch and 16 prints 6x4inch. I will send you a link to online gallery, so you can choose what you want to put in your wedding album.
Next step: your wedding album. I need list of the best photos from you to make a project. After project is finish you will recive  beautiful album, pen stick and canvas in no time :)
12. Do you require a deposit ?
Deposit is €200 You can pay by Bank transfer, PayPal or Drafts
13. When is the balance due?
Balance is due is in the morning of your wedding day.
14. What time are you starting in the morning?
I will be with you 2h before ceremony to capture best morning in your life and most sressful morning of your partner too :)
15. What time do you leave.
I will be with you all day long and i will finished with a first dance no meter hat time it's gonna be.
16. Do we need to pay for travel expenses?

No travel charge in ROI. For destination wedding i will charge you extra for flights and hotels.

17. How long do we need for location shoots?

Is up to you :) If you love photos and you want to relax for a while i can spend with you how many time you want. If weather is bad or you want to be with your families and friends ASAP i need only few minutes:) I working very fast and promise good fun:)

18. Are you taking family portraits?

Yes i do. Family and group portraits are most importent. List of the photos from you will helps a lot. Avarage time 15-20mins if all uncles and couisins are in shouting distance :)

19.What  if it rains?

I am based in Galway. Is always rainy here and i never had a problem with locations shoots yet :) I have 10 diffrent umbrellas in my boot and i can always help you find a perfect place separated from the wind.